NCL Translational Scientific Conference November 3 & 4, 2022 in Chicago.

Our Promise to Nicholas Foundation is excited to be working with a small committee to hosting the 6th NCL Translational Scientific Conference in Chicago. The conference will be November 3 & 4, 2022. We are currently working with Dr. Jill Weimer, Dr. David Pearce, Tracy Van Houtan (Noah’s Hope/Bridget Hope), Karen Kahn / Carol Schwimmer (Fore Batten Foundation) and The Lehrman Family. This intimate Batten Disease conference/workshop is essential to foster good respectful interactions and discussion between these scientist, researchers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies. In the past this conference was called a “workshop” allowing an open question and discussion session after a panel of 2-3 speakers spoke on a specific topic of research or findings in their lab.  This brings great safe positive collaboration, open discussion and sharing information between all attendees.  Each conference we are grateful to see this valuable communication between science and research and firsthand seeing this specific rare disease advancing at a much faster pace for all NCL’s then 10 years ago. A cure for Batten disease does not seem so far way.  The covid pandemic may have slowed things down in this rare disease circle but we are excited to get back up running.  The last conference was in 2019 hosted 36 speakers and 75 attendees. Stay tuned for more information and sign up/ sponsorship for this conference is coming soon.

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