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  • Grant Submissions Deadline 2016

    The Batten Research Alliance is pleased to announce a “new” funding opportunity for research on the infantile (INCL) and late infantile (LINCL) forms of Batten Disease, with funding beginning in February, 2017. Recent developments...More
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  • Batten Research Alliance Bi-Annual Conference

    –Bethesda, Maryland March 29th- Hosted by 10 Family Foundations, OPTN is proud to support this innovative, along with the following foundations:
    Blake’s Purpose
    Mary Payton Miracle Foundation
    Fight for Nicholas... More

Our primary mission is to raise funds and create partnerships in order to promote awareness, provide education and develop translational research regarding Batten Disease.

Apply for research grants at our sister site:

BattenLogo_FinalThe mission of the Batten Research Alliance (BRA) is to solicit, accept, and provide an unbiased peer review of research proposals for the purposes of funding worthy medical enterprises to work towards curing Batten Disease. In the future it will provide needed medical information and resources to physicians, nurses and other medical personnel. By bringing other nonprofits, individuals, organizations, and the Batten medical world together, we can share ideas and be a stronger voice in the world. To become a member of the BRA, to submit research proposals, or for more information please visit BattenResearch.org.

January 2016

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