November/ December 2015

November 30th, 2015

JT5kOCt2015-5972This was our 3rd year hosting the John Tanner Memorial 5 K Run/Walk in Way-land MA. John Tanner an elite athlete and also Nicolas’s marathon runner. This run is dedicated to John who passed away unexpectedly while running the NYC ½ marathon for Nicholas in 2013. This year we were honored to have celebrity Cindy Fitzgibbon, meteorologist WCVB Boston, Storm Team 5 join us. We had 142 runners and proudly raised $13,000.

JT5kOCt2015-5996Congratulations WINNERS:JT5kOCt2015-6008


1st Place    Gary Catterin            18:47

2nd Place   Ian Noyes                 20:39

3rd Place   Woody Laidlaw        20:43
















1st Place  Christine Kendal          22:00

2nd Place   Erica Paquette            23:49

3rd Place     Delia Caulfield           24:02









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JT5kOCt2015-5850 JT5kOCt2015-5838 JT5kOCt2015-6092JT5kOCt2015-6089 JT5kOCt2015-6087 JT5kOCt2015-6086 JT5kOCt2015-6085JT5kOCt2015-6083





























































































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Thank you to Suzanne Aguiar and her Bedford NH Friend Kerri Ran the Newport Marathon in October 2015 for Nicholas!  They raised over $200 for Our Promise to Nicholas Foundation. Thank you! Amazing Job!!! We are so touched!

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